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It takes a village

Even a non-profit startup knows that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

A group of people discussing things sitting on a nice bench


Scott Stirrett

CEO & Founder
Photo of Scott Stirrett

Juanita Lee-Garcia

Social Innovation Lead

Kathleen Cowie

Administrative Coordinator
kathleen cowie venture for canada


Erin O’Hanley

Operations Manager
Photo of Erin O'Hanley

Aidan Moores

Training and Technology Associate
Photo of Aidan Moores

Liudmyla (Mila) Bielinska

Senior Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Photo of Liudmyla Bielinska

Priya Pandey

Acting Manager, Business Development and Partnerships
Photo of Priya Pandey

Daniel Drakeford

Senior Operations Coordinator
daniel drakeford profile pic image

Carly Corkum

Business Development Coordinator

Jeremy Lim

Business Development Associate

Erin Remai

Training and Operations Coordinator


Gina Patterson

Director, Internships
Photo of Gina Patterson

Jamie Proctor Boyce

Manager, Business Development and Partnerships
Photo of Jamie Proctor Boyce

Erica Ormiston

Marketing Associate
Photo of Erica Ormiston

Anna Smith

Internship Training Lead
Anna Headshot

Danielle Jones

Business Development Associate
Danielle Jones

Artem Nemanov

Business Development Associate

Shauna Chandler

Administrative Coordinator

Board of Directors

Parm Gill

Managing Partner
Gill Group

Vanessa Paesani

Principal & Executive Coach
The Folding Chair Group Ltd.

Abigail Slater

General Partner
Marigold Capital

Josh MacIntyre

Head of Special Projects

Laura Buhler

Executive Director

Irfhan Rawji

Founder & CEO

Stewart Beck

President and CEO
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Honourary Chairs

Ashley Cooper

President & CEO
Paladin Security Group Ltd.

Daniel Debow

VP, Corporate Development

Jon Risley

Clearwater Fine Foods Inc.

Geoff Smith

President & CEO

Rob Sobey

The Donald R. Sobey Foundation

Annette Verschuren

Chair & CEO
NRStor Inc.

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