It takes a village

We're a diverse bunch that each contributes something special to the organization.

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Meet Our Team


Scott Stirrett

CEO & Founder
Photo of Scott Stirrett

Verity Dimock

General Manager
Headshot of Verity

Erin O’Hanley

Operations Coordinator
Photo of Erin O'Hanley

Kelsey Grieve

National Marketing Coordinator
Photo of Kelsey Grieve

Juanita Lee-Garcia

Social Innovation Associate
Photo of Juanita Lee-Garcia


Sue Christensen

Program Director Ontario & British Columbia
Photo of Sue Christensen

Priya Pandey

Ontario Business Development and Partnerships Associate
Photo of Priya Pandey

Symone Jennings

New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island Program Coordinator
Photo of Symone Jennings

Liudmyla (Mila) Bielinska

Nova Scotia Program Coordinator
Photo of Liudmyla Bielinska

Aidan Moores

Newfoundland Program Coordinator
Photo of Aidan Moores

Cecilia Lu

British Columbia Partnerships Manager
Photo of Cecilia Lu

Atlantic Internship

Gina Patterson

Photo of Gina Patterson

Jamie Proctor Boyce

Partnership Manager
Photo of Jamie Proctor Boyce

Anna Smith

Training Coordinator
Photo of Anna Smith

Erica Ormiston

Marketing Coordinator
Photo of Erica Ormiston


A big thank you to our supporters whose generosity allow us to continue to positively impact Canadians.
Government of CanadaOntario Centres of Excellence (OCE)Government of OntarioMcConnellAtlantic Canada Opportunity Agency (ACOA)RBC
TDQueen’s University Smith School of BusinessGovernment of Nova Scotia
Gordon Stirrett Wealth ManagementStartUp Here TorontoGeoff SmithDentonsThe Donald R. Sobey Foundation

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