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Shooting for the moon? Raise your floor.

Imagine the power of smart, eager new hires ready for anything but who don’t think they know everything.

Take on post-secondary students and grads who commit to personal improvement even after they’re hired.

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Our Programs

Hire an Intern

September, January & May

Ready to go?

Are you an employer looking to connect with motivated post-secondary students? Our interns are curious about entrepreneurship and available for short term work opportunities.

As a Partner Employer, you’ll gain access to:

  • A Candidate Board to browse post-secondary students qualified for a VFC Internship
  • A Job Board to post your position and receive applications from qualified candidates
  • Support in hiring, interviewing and onboarding your intern
  • Professional development and skills training for interns throughout their internship
  • You’re an SME, start-up, social enterprise, nonprofit, or charity
  • Your business is located in BC, AB, MB, SK, NB, NS, PEI, or NL
  • You’ve got between 1 - 500 employees
  • You can provide an internship opportunity allows our motivated Interns contribute to new initiatives or add new value to your organization. 
  • All industries welcome!

Hire a Member

Peak hiring times: June - September
Opportunities to hire year round

Get in touch!

Get connected to recent graduates available for full-time, entry-level work experience opportunities in startups across Canada.

As a Fellowship Partner, you’ll gain access to:

  • A Job Board to post your available positions
  • Connect Events where you can meet prospects in person and pitch directly
  • Employer Profiles where you can promote your best selves


Our Fellowship Members are:

  • Recruited from celebrated universities and colleges across Canada  
  • Pre-screened by Venture for Canada
  • Easy to hire through multiple platforms and touch points
  • Willing to support the long term projects and activities that drive your mission + growth
  • Your business is located in Canada
  • You’ve got between 5 - 150 employees
  • Your company is less than 10 years old
  • All industries welcome!


"Working With Us"

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