Work with ambitious youth plugged into the startup community.

A win-win partnership, you'll gain ambitious talent and innovative project support while exposing the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurial leaders to the real-world experience they need to thrive.

What you'll get as a partner
Partnership in the VFC community offers exponential returns.
Talent Pipeline
Access self-starters trained in the skills Canadian startups and SMEs sometimes don’t realize they need. Our programs are easy to integrate, offer a variety of engagement types, and a range of rates and commitment levels.
Smart Network
Partner with the Canadian emerging startup ecosystem network member who specializes in strengthening skills and relationships. VFC will connect you to the right service partners at the right time.
Capacity Building
Participate in our programs and community to help enrich current and future generations of Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Byproducts from our programs create opportunities that raise Canada’s innovation floor.
Partner opportunities

From short-term support to full-time hires, we offer a wide range of programs at various cost commitment levels. We provide students and recent grads with the entrepreneurial skills today's Canadian startups and SMEs need.

Recent Grads for hire

VFC Fellows have the most important success indicator you won’t find on a resume: character.

Recent Grads for hire
  • Must be incorporated in Canada
  • <250 employees; less than 10 years old
  • $1,000 - $4,000 fee depending on business criteria
Hire an Intern

Trained Interns are ideal for scaling startups or small businesses that need eager, work-ready help on a short-term project.

Hire an Intern
  • Must operate in any province or territory excluding Ontario
  • <500 employees
  • Subsidized through Canadian government
Fully-subsidized project support

Diversify your future talent pool while getting subsidized project work from student groups that identify as underserved communities. And yes, we foot the bill.

Fully-subsidized project support
  • Organization that operates in any Canadian province or territory
  • < 500 Employees
  • Interested in short term project support

Our employer partnership process

Everyone can expect:

There is a symbiotic relationship between high-growth people and high-growth companies, and our VFC Fellows live and breathe this philosophy. They ask great questions, speak candidly, and never shy away from stretch projects. Most importantly, they are extremely supportive of their teammates and care deeply about our culture.
Zakir Hemraj
Co-Founder & CEO at Loopio