Intrapreneurship Program

The alternative way of gaining virtual, paid work experience; contribute to innovating a small business by working on a 7-week, part-time project.

Short-term experience you can’t get in the classroom.

A Flexible Approach

Build towards your entrepreneurial future by gaining experience on your own time. Design your work schedule to complete the project you select over 7-weeks, so you’ll still have time for school, part-time jobs or extracurriculars.

Paid Experience for Your Resume

Build your resume with professional experience and get paid for it. Put your skills to work: and test and develop new ones while supporting a real-world project. All disciplines welcome.

An Insider Look

Get a lay of the entrepreneurial land without committing to a job. You’ll gain insights into small and medium businesses’ and network with employers for future opportunities.
Meet the project-based program designed to show students that paid work experience, network connections and career clarity doesn't just come from a job.


  • Solve innovative projects for small businesses and organizations virtually
  • Work in groups of 2-5 students in interdisciplinary teams
  • Get paid $22.00 per hour
  • Complete 60 hours of project work over seven weeks 
  • Network with your project's organization
  • Access professional development resources to support your project work and future career
Submit a Two-Step application
We want to learn more about you. Submit the two, short forms and tell us about yourself. We’re looking for students eager for experience, skill building and networking opportunities.
Orientation & Project Selection
Once we review your application, we’ll confirm your participation. You'll attend a virtual orientation, where you'll select the project you'll work on, and learn about the program details and expectations
Project Kick Off
Once you’ve picked your project, we will confirm your start date. The first week of the program will focus on a meeting with your organization or startup, learn more about the project, and assign project roles.
Work While You Network
While you're working on your project, you'll build your networking skills by engaging 1x1 with your company, and collaborating with your project teammates.
Unlock Professional Development Resources
Eager to continue learning? You can access a series of optional entrepreneurial training resources designed to help you work on innovation projects, and feel prepared for your future career.
Submit Your Project
After your hard work, you and your teammates submit your project. You’ll gain valuable feedback about your work when presenting your finished project to your company.
Get Paid
After you complete your 60 hour project, you'll get paid for your work. Our hourly wage is $22.00.
Do Another Project
Interested in gaining more paid experience with a different small business and project? Once you finish your project(s), we'll invite you to participate again!
“I am beyond grateful that I got the opportunity to be a part of this program, pursue my passion for marketing and get to work with businesses to help them figure out their own marketing plan.”
Intrapreneur with, Shiza Shahid
Honours Bachelors of Arts in Management, University of Toronto
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Eligibility Criteria
Full-time or part-time enrolled at a Canadian Post-Secondary
Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee
Residing in any Canadian Province
All students are welcome to participate. We want to include as many young people as possible, so we’ve intentionally designed the program to support students who identify as members of underserved communities, including: BIPOC, newcomers to Canada, people with disabilities, women studying in STEM fields, students living in rural/non-urban communities.
Please note: international students are not eligible for the program. Read more below in our details section.
PLEASE NOTE: Student applications are processed on a first-come first-serve basis with emphasis on new participants in order to reach as many Canadian students as possible.
Projects are up to 60 hours, and are completed over a 7 week period. New projects kick-off every two months.
Since this is a new program, we’re making constant amendments to meet the needs of Canadian students and small businesses. Due to overwhelming student interest in the program, students will only be able to participate in one project per cohort for now to ensure more Canadian students gain entrepreneurial experience!
Projects are designed to support groups of interdisciplinary students. Typical projects are in data analytics, marketing and communications, operations and project management, research, and media.
Virtual orientation is designed to showcase the program, clear up any questions, and for students to select their projects.
VFC will pay you a stipend at the end of your project, at the rate of $22.00 per hour. The final stipend will be based on total hours worked.
Students will have to submit an exit survey at the end of their cohort. They will be paid within 30 days of their Project Partner confirming their total work hours.
We recognize that international students are an underserved community; however, due to Funder restrictions, you are not eligible:
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