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Join a team making entrepreneurial careers accessible to more young Canadians.

Colorful portrait of Jada Charles
Colorful portrait of Jennie Wedd
My Vision: To bring community, impact and equity into every corner of our country’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems.
Colorful portrait of Alexia Baha
My Vision: To empower the youth in their ability to create a better tomorrow.
Colorful portrait of Touhami Abi
My Vision: The entrepreneurship mindset becomes a global cultural norm as widespread and accepted as greeting each other when we meet.
Colorful portrait of Quinn Durand
My Vision: A diverse workforce that reflects the goals and values of young Canadians to help make their dreams - big and small - a reality.
Colorful portrait of Hailey Le Febour
My Vision: Creating communities full of dreamers and learners working together to reach their goals toward a brighter future.
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Colorful portrait of Nicole Gibson
My Vision: The concept of entrepreneurship no longer feels like something only someone else can do.
Colorful portrait of Kathleen Cowie
My Vision: More people have the skills, resources, and confidence to be entrepreneurs. And more entrepreneurs have the know-how and drive to build great workplace cultures.
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Colorful portrait of Ziad El Dani
My Vision: A larger strive for modern entrepreneurship being taught and fostered in our educational institutions across Canada.
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My Vision: You will always get thousands of NO's, it only takes one YES' to finally reach your goal. Canada needs more YES' around.
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People-first approach

An open, collaborative ecosystem with a sustainable impact focus.

  • VFC measures efficacy, not just effort. Work smarter, recharge, rinse, repeat.

    Like any fast moving organization, we value autonomy and are results-oriented, but we’re accommodating about the working style/pace that gets you there.

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Ready, train, 🔥🔥🔥.

Venture for Canada is a national charity on a mission to foster the entrepreneurial skills and mindsets of young Canadians. We recruit, train, and support young people to work for innovative Canadian small businesses and start-ups.

Through our programs, participants develop the network, knowledge, and entrepreneurial skills they need to thrive in rich, impactful careers.

Our vision is a Canada where young people can equitably realize their entrepreneurial potential to build the most prosperous place in the world.

So far, we’ve:

  • Ranked as the 6th Fastest-Growing Charity in Canada (and just getting started)
  • Launched 8 cohorts of entrepreneurial young people since incorporating 10 years ago
  • Launched a field-leading Diversity, Equity and People Operations conference
  • Supported thousands of students in short-term work placements
  • Delivered thousands of hours in entrepreneurial training
  • Distributed $9 million in wage subsidies and stipends in 2021, alone
  • Collaborated with innovative sector leaders on programs like the Reskilling Retail Workers Project

Nine years in, we’re just getting started.

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We may be national and remote, but we're a tight-knit, character-filled community excited about careering.