Internship Program

Experience startup culture and get paid for it. Short-term internships plus a boost from VFC's training will grow your opportunities when you graduate.

Experience is a powerful teacher. Join us during your career-exploration-life-stage.

Future + Entrepreneurial Skills Training

With insights from employers, past-interns and educators, our team has created professional development for you to complete throughout your internship — a bonus on any resume.

Meet your co-op requirements

Most of our internships meet co-op requirements. You can participate in the program, regardless of co-op enrollment. All Canadian students can apply; for Ontario-based students work opportunities are available if you work remotely for a business headquartered outside of Ontario.

Paid Work Experience at Small or Medium Business

Our partner employers are small and medium innovative businesses (SMBs) or startups that need the resources to grow. Make more local impact and contribute to developing your region's economy.
A program designed to give students experience and access to Canada's entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem with the training needed to thrive in small business environments.
Submit your Application
A quick two-step form is all you need to apply to our program. Our program fill-up fast, we evaluate the applications on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Connect with Employers: Bulletin Board
We'll review and accept the application if you meet our criteria. We’ll invite you to our bulletin board where you can apply to positions with Eligible Employers looking to hire eager student talent.
Employed? Bring your own Employer & Connect Us!
Is there a local company you're super interested in and would like an 'in' to their company? As an intern, you come with up to $7,000 in wage subsidies plus training. We'll give you resources to help you pitch yourself to local small businesses.
Once you're hired, attend the Intern Webinar
Now that you've secured your next job, we want to make sure you are ready for it. You'll tune into one of our Intern Webinars so you can get to know VFC Staff plus find out the important details.
Entrepreneurial Training 101
We've designed our Virtual Training Program to support you in the small business environment. Access a library of thousands of virtual courses, take on challenges that earn you points, and attend live sessions with entrepreneurs. Plus: it's all customizable to fit your needs.
Do Training, Gain Points, Earn Rewards
Talk about a win-win-win situation. Gain points by completing training and unlocking new, advanced opportunities. Do another VFC Internship, getting fast-tracked to our Fellowship Program, or attend our Intern Summit event. We want to reward your investment in yourself.
“VFC helped provide me the opportunities to build my resume, learn skills important to my development, and make valuable, long-lasting connections. ”
, Addy Smith
Bachelor of Commerce
New Brunswick Canada
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Launch Requirements
Full-time or part-time Post-Secondary (college and university)
Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or Refugees
Ready to make an investment in yourself and committed to building the skillsets that are most valued in the workforce.
Fall 2024 Internship Important Dates + Deadlines: Applications for students seeking fall internships are now closed. Winter 2025 application review will begin in September.
Full-time or part-time post-secondary enrolled students at Canadian schools.
up to 20 weeks
Business, Science, Marketing, Computer Science, Engineering, Accounting and many, many others.
A 20-hour commitment over your internship. Participation in training varies, you set your goals for the points you want to earn. You're the driver in the training seat.
Earn points by completing virtual training activities. Your Docebo library gets activated after your onboarding.
15+ Points: Qualify for Future Internship roles. 20+ Points: Leg up in Fellowship Program Admissions
$15 per hour minimum. Depending on role and location, wages may be higher.
International students
Full & part time positions available
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