Hire recent grads to help your business grow

Meet eager to succeed recent graduates. Our partnership saves you time, money, and hassle on your next entry-level hire. VFC Fellows are dynamic, adaptive, and selected for our Fellowship program based on their grit at a time when resilience is as important as technical skills.

We screen our Fellows for entrepreneurial competencies like commitment to learning and growth mindsets. Your team reaps the benefits and avoids the financial, morale, and cultural costs of churn.
Meet the right candidates. VFC Fellows are startup candidates eager to the challenges faced by new ventures. The valuable experience and role-specific training make them comfortable with independent problem-solving sooner.
Fellows participate in soft skills and job-readiness training from educators and ecosystem leaders at successful startups. Plus they’re prepped with role-specific knowledge to ease the onboarding process for you.

A collaborative process

Hiring VFC Fellows links you to resourceful future leaders.

Tell us About Yourself & Book a Call
Complete the form below to see if you qualify; our team will ensure you meet the criteria and reach out to you personally to book a call. We connect with founders, people-operations, human resources and management teams.
Let’s Partner
You'll tell us about your startup and hiring needs so we can present multiple opportunities to accelerate your hiring needs. Our partnership agreement unlocks access to the job board, community events, and employer brand features. You don't pay a fee until you hire.
Ongoing Access & Connections to Talent
You'll set up a profile on our Fellow exclusive job board. Post open positions. Put interdisciplinary and diverse startup-aligned talent at your fingertips. You'll be invited to attend our dynamic 'Connect Events' (virtually in 2021) where you'll do speed interviews to accelerate your hiring process.
Secure Your Hires
Peak hiring times are April – September, with opportunities to hire year-round. Once you find your fit, go ahead and make your offers directly to the candidates.
Ongoing Continued Support
Fellows build a valuable toolkit of entrepreneurial skills over 15 months of ongoing training, group meetups and informal mentoring from VFC’s perpetually growing alumni and stakeholder network. We finalize our annual cohort every April.
“Employees at a startup need the ability to jump in and add value where they can. So someone who has had exposure to VFC training is more valuable than someone that hasn’t.”
Shawn Wilkie
“Working with us”

Want a recent grad trained to succeed at a start-up?

Your startup must meet the following criteria to qualify:

Legally operate in a Canadian Province or Territory

Under 10 years in business

Less than 250 staff

Can pay a small fee upon success hiring supports participant’s 15 months of participation in the Fellowship

Review and interview VFC Fellows

Hiring Fee Based on Company Size
The Fellowship Program is 100% privately funded. Partner startups and participants pay small fees to support the program. VFC receives funds from private donors and corporate funders to support scholarships and other operational costs. See here for more details on our supporters. The fee for Partner Employers specifically helps to cover the costs of: 
      • Finding and selecting Fellows, 
      • Facilitating the job readiness training of Fellows before and during Virtual Training Camp and
      • Providing ongoing entrepreneurial and leadership skills training to Fellows over the 15-month Fellowship.
The fee you pay is dependent on your permanent full-time staff-count: 
                      • 5-10 staff | $750
                      • 11-25 staff | $1500
                      • 26-50 staff | $2500
                      • 51-100 staff | $3500
                      • 100+ staff | $4000
                      • Non-profit | $1000
  Hiring Multiple Fellows
            • 2nd Fellow: 15% discount on relevant fee
            • 3rd Fellow: 20% discount on relevant fee
  • Business: 40.3%
  • STEM: 35.5%
  • OTHER: 6.4%
Sales, Operations, Customer Success, Marketing, Product, Analyst, Researchers, and more!
Fellows receive entrepreneurial skills training in three phases:
  • PHASE 1 | Job seeking training, coaching & support starts as soon as Fellows are accepted 
  • PHASE 2 | Entrepreneurial, role-specific, and soft skill training happen during the mandatory three-week Fellowship Training Camp, virtually in July 2021. 
  • PHASE 3 | Ongoing “in-time” training designed by our team ensures the learning is relevant takes place post-Training Camp. Fellows access monthly live sessions with industry experts and entrepreneurs, and courses, resources, and more. Fellows have a community of 280+ Alumni and peers to problem solve with.