Move the needle on work experience for underserved communities.

The projects you wish you had more time for. Get the attention they need from groups of 'Intrapreneurs' over 7 weeks. VFC pays students from underserved communities while they gain invaluable experience.

Flexible, accessible productive; building towards a better Canada.

Paid Talent
To support your organization’s growth with talent paid for, by us. VFC Intrapreneurs are motivated groups of students, eager to gain work experience by tackling projects in marketing, research, data analytics, operations and project management.
We know you're busy. 90% of organizations say Intrapreneurship's flexible and straight forward approach to applications, paperwork and scope of work valuable, giving you your much needed time back.
Breakdown Barriers
You’ll contribute to making the Canadian workforce more diverse, equitable and accessible. VFC foots the bill and provides each student with a stipend for their work with you.
Up to 60

Project work made easy

Project Partner Process

Submit an application
We want to learn more about your company and the projects you need support on. We review applications every 3-5 business days and are looking to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and have the right opportunities. See the details section below for a list of projects.
Attend Onboarding Webinar
Companies who meet our base criteria are invited to an onboarding webinar. You’ll learn the program timelines and expectations, receive project development coaching, and gain insights into fostering a healthy environment for underserved folks.
Submit your Project
Share the details of your upcoming project and our team will review and approve your project within 6-8 weeks. As soon as space becomes available, your project will be filled with interested students.
Project Kickoff
We’ll introduce you to your students, offer communication tools and student support tips. You will meet with your students during the first week to go over project details, roles on the team, and expectations.
Weekly Check-ins
While the student(s) are working on your project, you’ll check in with your Intrapreneurs on a weekly basis and track their hours. These meetings will support the project's progress, solidifying the group's teamwork.
Network with Students
You—or a colleague—will have a networking coffee chat with each of your students. This is an awesome opportunity to get to know your Intrapreneurs a little better, and make connections for future opportunities you may have.
See the Project come to Fruition
After 7 weeks, students will present their projects to you. Feedback can be shared directly with the student.
Once you're deemed eligible, you can skip steps 1 and 2 and submit a project again! Continue to work with Intrapreneurs and build an ongoing talent pipeline.
"My experience with Intrapreneurship allowed me to realize the great potential of my project and make it a reality. Seven weeks later, the results are concrete and my business' growth is real."
Georgie Lubin

We designed our program to support small and medium sized businesses.

To be eligible for the Intrapreneurship Program, you must:

  • Operate in any Canadian province or territory
  • Have fewer than 500 staff members
  • Be interested in diversifying voices and talent at your organization
  • Submit a project that contributes to the innovation of your organization
  • Ensure your project develops at least one out of 5 skills:
    communication, teamwork, resiliency, analytical capabilities or problem solving
An endless amount of innovative projects can be proposed within the following categories: Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Market Research, Operations & Project Management, Sales, Data Analysis & Mathematics, Design, Media and Education.
Students commit to 60 hours of project work over 7 weeks.
Our program is designed to support students in underserved communities in accessing paid work experience. For this program, underserved students include:
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Women in studying STEM fields
  • Students living in rural/non-urban communities
Please note: international students are not eligible for the program because of our funder restrictions. See more here on the Canadian Government’s website.
Students will select the projects they are most interested in contributing to, and learning from.