Experience is a powerful teacher. Come get some.

Atlantic Internship

Looking to get your feet wet in a startup? Venture For Canada offers post-secondary students the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial work experiences in Atlantic Canada. Learn invaluable skills on your road to building your future from those in the best position to teach - other entrepreneurs.

Bonus: our program fits the requirements of most co-op placements


Application Process & Deadlines

Interested? Awesome!

We’re looking for students who embrace our values and are curious about entrepreneurship. We’ll connect you with startups and innovative companies excited to work with you.

Our job board is an online portal exclusive to the VFC Community. It’s frequently updated with new positions from a variety of sectors. Our paid internships are full-time, located across the Atlantic Provinces, and have wages between $15 - $20/hour.

Both co-op & non co-op students are welcome.

Still with us? Great!

Check your eligibility first:

  • Are you a full-time Post-Secondary Student?
  • Are you a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee?
  • Are you eligible to work in Canada?

How it works:

  • 1

    Submit an Application Form

  • 2

    Phone Interview

    We’ll be in touch for a phone interview to learn more about what drives you.

  • 3

    Invitation to Job Board

    If there’s a match, we’ll invite you to our job board where you can apply to positions with partners who are looking for candidates just like you!

  • 4

    Once you’ve been hired, you’re in!

  • 5

    Attend a training camp!

    These are 2-day events that prepare you to thrive in your internship and connect with other like-minded future entrepreneurs from across the region. Past themes have included prioritization and goal setting, stress management, relationship and team building, confidence, presenting and work planning.  These camps help you develop the work readiness skills that will help you shine.


This program isn’t for everyone.


Not even everyone smart and driven.

It’s for people who, despite being smart and driven, are game to go the extra mile to prepare to succeed. People who understand the value of the hand-off in a relay race.

Venture for Canada Programs aren’t a hedge-your-bets/cover-your-butt scenario. They’re a set stronger foundations scenario. And it makes sense for both of us to figure out sooner rather than later whether we’re a mutual fit.


So we’ve outlined a few of the qualities that matter to us and outline the reasons why to help you consider whether VFC is right for you.

  • Authenticity

    You don’t need to know exactly what you’re after before you get started, but you need to be committed to figuring it out. Finding your place. Adding value.

  • Humility

    Again–smart and driven are great qualities. But think about how much more you know now than you did five years ago. Do you look at the world radically differently? Are you mildly embarrassed by how narrowly you may have looked at a few things? That’s a good feeling. You’ll have it again. Keep broadening your perspective.

  • Ambition

    Drive without preparation, work, humility and a bunch of other qualities on this list is just greed. We define ambition as growth. Personal development. A practice.

  • Inclusion & Collaboration

    You don’t need to have a social justice bent to succeed. You don’t need to think about how inclusion and collaboration with people who have different backgrounds and experiences can help your company. But it helps.

  • Balance

    Being single-minded is a great quality. It can really help with production. But in the long run, a range of interests, flexibility, and self-care can also offer competitive advantage. They certainly make the ride more enjoyable.

  • Curiosity

    Being a producer is a great quality. In this context, it’s almost as import as being curious. You’re at the start of your career. The collection phase. The better you get at framing and seeking the answers to good questions the more useful you’ll be to yourself, your cohort, and your employer. If curiosity isn’t a key driver for you, you’re unlikely to make the most of the mentorship, training and wisdom our programs are designed to share.

  • Grit

    Not everything needs to be a slog. You can learn lessons from wins, too, after all. But it’s a funny coincidence that the people who rack up sustainable long terms returns often have grit in the tank for the long haul. The program doesn’t, shouldn’t and usually won’t feel like a grind to people prepared for it to be.

  • Integrity

    All of the qualities on this list are things we aspire to. Good thing we don’t need to demonstrate all of them at the same time :). But if you’re the kind of person who listens to your conscience, keeps your promises, gives credit where credit is due and corrects (or at least acknowledges) your mistakes, this program will be a bit easier for you.

  • Accountability

    There needs to be something that holds us to the best version of ourselves. The ability to be realistic about our ambition. To prioritize our time well. To own up to our mistakes and to help others overcome theirs. This program, like your future employers, will hold us responsible for our own actions.

And assess your comfort level with:

  • Risk

    Most of us will think about giving up when the going gets tough. Fewer of us have tried and failed. We’d never experience failure without taking a few risks. We’d also never have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

  • Ambiguity

    Every day, people make decisions in uncertain environments. Being comfortable in tense or ambiguous situations takes practice. The willingness to ask the right questions and to have faith in our decisions helps us be as productive as possible.

  • Lower Salary

    If maximizing earning potential is a priority, we understand. And we’re probably not what you’re after at the moment. If you can afford to earn a starter salary while building your skills, your profile, and network, let’s talk.

  • Multiple Roles (ie. wearing many hats)

    We all have an idea of where we’d ultimately want to be in our career. Not many of us start there. Being open and flexible, you’re more likely to get there faster. Besides, you never know when a particular skill may come in handy.

  • Working Outside 9am - 5pm

    Sometimes you’re living on a schedule. We get it. But not all work fits neatly into the 9-5 box. Especially not for entrepreneurs. We ask for help and get coached- often outside of regular business hours.

Ongoing Help

We’re here to support you throughout the program.

We offer ongoing training and check-ins to keep you on the right track, even after your internship is done. Past themes have included resume development & job hunting, budgeting 101, and workplace rights.

a portrait of Isaac, an Internship alum.


“I remember as a child begging my parents every summer to take me to the city to walk on the boardwalk, to go onto the boats to fish and explore the ocean. I have always been passionate about the environment, helping others and having fun in the workplace; I would have never expected to have the opportunity to combine all my passions and work for an amazing company like Pisces Research Project Management — and it’s all thanks to Venture for Canada. As a transgender person, VFC has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and become a part of an amazing team who values me as a person, and not just for my skills and experience.”

A photo of Rylee, an Internship Alum


“I have always been interested in working in a fast paced and innovative environment. Working in a startup has provided this opportunity, as well as challenged me to develop my skills and my confidence. This has been an amazing opportunity so far, and I would recommend working in a startup for anyone looking to be challenged and grow within their role.”

This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Student Work Placement Program.

Ce projet est financé en partie par le Gouvernement du Canada par le Programme d’apprentissage intégré en milieu de travail pour étudiants.

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