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Iron Rock Brewing Co. - Microbrewery Production & Packaging Intern

Posted: Aug 7th, 2020 | Full Time
Labrador City, NL

Company Overview

Iron Rock Brewing Co. is the first microbrewery to open and operate in the Big Land! We are committed to strengthening the community in Labrador by providing new, local products and experiences to its fine residents and visitors to the area.

The founding team of Iron Rock is comprised of brothers Brian, a licensed Professional Engineer and MBA student, and Dave, the head brewer, quality assurance champion, and certified, Red Seal pipefitter. The Iron Rock Brewing team is currently made up of eight essential members. 

Job Summary

Iron Rock Brewing Co's diverse tasks to operate and grow its Labrador City microbrewery require a resourceful and motivated individual able to work on a hectic schedule and tight deadlines.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Position

Key responsibilities 

Joining the team as a Production & Packaging Intern, responsibilities will be related to production and packaging assistance, development of internal process assurance and serving our dedicated customers under our current operating environment. These tasks will be related, but are not exclusive to:

  • Assisting the team with product packaging and canning operations, including:
    • Inventory management
    • Operation of can labeling equipment
    • Operation of Cask Manual Canning System 
    • Tracking of packaging performance and quality assurance
  • Development of process standard operating procedures, including, but not limited to:
    • Set-up and operation of keg washing equipment
    • Set-up and operation of Cask Manual Canning System
    • Performing fermenter/brite tank clean-in-place process
    • Completing pressure transfers from fermentation vessels to brite tank
  • Assist with the in-house development of a business-wide inventory management/tracking system
  • Serving customers in a polite and courteous manner during taproom opening hours
  • Utilize the point of sale System to record orders accurately and handle routine retail transactions 
  • Assist with enhanced sanitation and cleaning of the Taproom, including bar area and bathrooms, to ensure compliance to public health guidelines
  • Assisting the brewer and team with production, cellaring, packaging, and distribution duties, as necessary
  • Assist with shipping and receiving
  • Contribute to the organizational development by identifying and bringing forth issues of concern and/or opportunities for improvement

Day-to-day activities

75% of duties can be expected to encompass the above, however, other responsibilities may arise to enable the day to day operation of the brewery and taproom. Additionally, duties will be modified to accommodate the successful applicant's area of study/expertise within the current operating structure.   

Qualifications and Skills

The qualified individual:

  • Has the utmost respect for sanitation and for the public health advisory measures in place
  • Possesses knowledge of various beer styles and the brewing process or a willingness to learn
  • Is extremely motivated to work in the craft brewing industry
  • Is resourceful, adaptive, and able to complete ambiguous tasks with general direction and guidance
  • Is proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Drive
  • Is able to work well as part of a small team
  • Is comfortable with the challenges in operating and growing Labrador's first microbrewery

Benefits and Perks

  • Unique learning experience to work in a microbrewery in our great province
  • Relocation assistance, if necessary
  • Professional development and industry training
  • Product sampling, feedback, and input on IRBC's future offerings
  • Flexible work hours in consultation with the Taproom Manager and Head Brewer
  • Consideration for future employment opportunities with the IRBC team 
  • Weekly personal can/growler allowance