Wage support: essential. Trained students: priceless. 

Venture for Canada has the only post-secondary Internship Program that exposes driven university and college students to entrepreneurial & work readiness training. Our training prepares young Canadians to contribute to the small business environment from the get-go.  

Diversity at Reach
VFC Interns come from over 65 universities and colleges across Canada from urban and rural centres. The Intern's diverse disciplines, life experiences, and backgrounds contribute to innovation. To boost your DEI efforts, you can access VFC's HR resources and supports whether you identify your own candidate or hire from our pre-screened pool.
Time-Saving Process
Most student internship or co-op programs require employers to apply months in advance — no need to mention the hours of paperwork. We’ve designed our funding, hiring, and training process with busy entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind.
In-Time Training for Your Interns
We help de-risk student hires. VFC-trained Interns are less green so they can start adding value to your company sooner. Plus, they continue to complete customized training throughout their internship with you. 

A program designed with the needs of small businesses in mind

Fast approval, flexible process, and simple, digital forms. No extra paperwork; we know you have a company to run!

Check Your Eligibility & Apply
Complete our eligibility form to make sure you're not wasting time. We'll then send you a link to our full application and review it within 3 business days.
Attend an Employer Webinar
You'll hear from us that you're in, and you'll attend a webinar where our team will answer questions, give recommendations and set you up for success to hire. We host webinars on a rolling weekly basis. You have to attend, so expectations are aligned.
Find a Student to Hire
You can post on the VFC Job Board to access hundreds of eager candidates. Looking for a specific skill set? Review our Profile Board. Know a great student through your networks? Check that they are eligible for our training and hire them.
Hire & Request Funding
Once you have your fit, you'll submit a quick Hiring Request form to secure your funding. You'll be approved by VFC to support the Intern.
Get Paid
Subsidies are distributed in two installments: the first half will be sent within the first 45 days of the Intern's placement; the second half is distributed when the Internship ends.
Meanwhile, Interns get Training
Our mission is to create entrepreneurial training, and VFC Interns can customize what they want to focus on. Interns develop key entry-level skills needed by Canadian employers: coachability, productivity, and resilience.
Hire Again!
Once you're deemed eligible as an employer, you can skip steps 1 and 2 and hire again. Some conditions may apply. See "Is this a fit for your business?"

Company Criteria:

1 - 500 staff;

Located in any province or territory excluding Ontario;

Looking in the Summer, Fall, and Winter semesters.

Additionally: The intern(s) you hire have to be in addition to the amount you would typically hire. This is covered and explained during the application process.

Ongoing hires*:

The interns you hire must collect a minimum of training points to be eligible to do another internship. We keep track of this, and you can ask at any time.

We are unable to fund Internships for/at:

International students;

Recent graduates;

Employers based exclusively in Ontario;

Government departments and crown corporations;

Credit unions.

Internship Role Criteria:

Part-time or Full-Time roles accepted.

Work from home and remote internships are eligible.

Typical roles include Sales, Marketing, Software, Hardware Dev, Finance, and Operations. Others accepted.

Job must develop innovation skills or add new value to your organization.

“VFC makes applying for funding easy. The people are great. The application is straight forward. Barriers of the traditional intern hiring process have been reduced and the training delivers more qualified interns.”
Carolann Harding