Giving Campaign

Giving Campaign

Break down barriers to entrepreneurship. Give to our Fellowship Scholarship fund.

Entrepreneurship is out of balance; let's make access to opportunities equitable.

Instead of injecting Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with the energy, education, and diversity, it needs to thrive, Canada’s youth are unemployed in record numbers. Those in underserved and rural communities disproportionately so.

The Fellowship program supports recent grads land roles at startups and equips them with the entrepreneurial skills and leadership training to excel in them. The jobs expose workers to vital real-world experiences invaluable to their future entrepreneurial ventures.

Unfortunately, the risk inherent in the startup model disproportionately excludes candidates who lack financial security. Financial hardships like student debt and systemic injustices become insurmountable barriers to entry into entrepreneurial careers.

We’re fundraising for Fellowships to level the playing field.

1/3 Fellows considered debt as a limiting factor when deciding to join the Fellowship.
New graduates who begin their careers in recessions earn 9 percent less than students who start their careers in a booming economy.
16.7% ↑
In 2020, 15-24 year-olds had a 16.7% unemployment rate – 7.2% higher than the Canadian average of 9.5%.

Level the playing field.

Instead of seeking opportunities to innovate, today’s bright, energetic entrepreneurs are forced to opt for secure roles to service insurmountable academic debt.

The SME’s who employ almost 50% of Canada’s workforce are in decline. They’re closing at unprecedented rates while new company creation numbers mark new lows.

In 2020, 91% of Fellows and Alumni agreed the Fellowship had a positive impact on their career, and 90% agree that because of VFC, they've had opportunities they would not otherwise have had.
VFC Fellows foster thriving innovative communities as leaders and entrepreneurs. Our program has a growing demand with a 350% increase from 2020 to 2021 in applicants.
"As an immigrant with financial hardships, the scholarship has been an incredible means of support."
Mateo Peralta, 2019 Fellow
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Remove financial barriers to entrepreneurial career development.
Half of Canada's grads carry more than $24,000 in student loan debt.