Jasmine Kernaleguen

Chief Disruptor and Co-founder @Rhythmic Leader Science Co

Jasmine is a leadership reinventor on a mission to redefine leader performance: to create healthy environments where people thrive, unleash their potential and actually want to work. She is Chief Disruptor and Co-Founder of Rhythmic Leader Science, a consultancy and technology company known for connecting leader psychology, physiology, and neuroscience to help organizations elevate their success via leadership performance. She has worked with leaders worldwide to grow beyond their own perceived limits and lift their performance, through practice. She is a former senior leader with a track record of success, Co-Founder of Vibrancy, writes and curates the https://www.performancerebels.co/ blog, is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, consultant, CEO coach, and dares to disrupt at every opportunity.

March 24th All Things People Operations

The Connection between Emotional Intelligence Coaching and DEI


Sponsored by KOHO.

Building cultures of belonging requires emotional intelligence. Get the tools you need to engage and interact with all employees in an emotionally intelligent manner and maximize their performance from a certified coach, facilitator, and emotional intelligence practitioner, Morgan Toane.

Morgan Toane
Talent Development Partner @KOHO

SOS: Enable a Hockey Stick Growth Curve for your Virtual Team.


As leaders, we need to enable others to be thinking, stretching, growing, not just doing...whether virtual or not; otherwise, we limit growth by unknowingly being the chief bottleneck. This interactive workshop will explore modern leadership techniques and mindsets, creating the environment for growth in others, yourself, and ultimately scaling your business. Integrating science and leadership, identify ways to accelerate the growth of those around you to unleash their potential beyond perceived limits.